Bachelor's Degree

Physical Education and Sport

Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences


Rui Manuel Flores Araújo

Admission exams

Biology and Geology (02) or
Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences (17) or
Portuguese (18)

Publication in the Official Gazette

Study Plan 2013-2018- Notice n.º 7602/2014 - 2nd series, n.º 123 of 30 June 2014
Complemented by Declaration of Correction n.º 1018/2015 - 2nd series, n.º 224 of 16 November 2015

Study Plan 2019 - Notice n.º 11568/2019 - 2nd series, n.º 134 of 16 July

Accreditation of the Study Program

Decision: Accredited for 6 years
Publication Date: 28-11-2018
Official Information A3ES: Accreditation result (in portuguese) 

Study Program Evaluation 

Study program self-evaluation report(in portuguese) 


The Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and Sport, which is accredited by the Agency for Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education (A3ES), has the following main goals: To prepare professionals who are able to carry out and organise sport, teach in pre-primary and primary education and work appropriately in the fields of sports coaching, physical recreation and physical activities with people who have special needs; To provide students with knowledge, expertise and soft skills which help them understand values, attitudes, methods and techniques that, combined with the training given on this course, are advantageous because they stimulate students’ interest in pursuing their studies; To improve and develop students’ skills that are the driving force in the technical performance of essential practices required by the activity plans they organise and in which they are involved.

Professional opportunities

Upon completion of the course our graduates will have a comprehensive and adequate profile. They will be specialists ready to work in the following fields: Physical education (Primary schools - 1º ciclo); Sports coaching (Sport clubs – the course is recognised as equivalent to level I and II general coach training elements and level I specific coach training for different sports); Physical activities (gyms and local authorities); Adapted physical activity (specialist centres for specific groups).

What makes this course different?

Physical education and sport are important areas of intervention in our society. With the training provided on this course, we aim to train graduates who are able to go beyond what was once called a profession to achieve what we now consider professionalism. We seek to broaden the areas in which knowledge can travel, removing boundaries to the dissemination of knowledge and introducing ethical and social dimensions that are suitable for the Portuguese and European contexts. This training allows students to pursue studies at Master’s level: Physical Education, Sports Coaching, Sport Management or Physical Exercise and Health.

The training programme is in line with the activities of the Research Center in Sport, Health and Human Development (CIDESD) - R&D unit which is accredited by the Foundation for Science and Technology, fostering student involvement in internationally relevant research and innovation projects.


Students may apply for periods of mobility for studies in around 150 higher education institutions of more than 30 countries, as well for international internships, with possibilitity of financial support.