Bachelor's Degree

Business Management

Department of Business Sciences


Paula Susana Figueiredo Moutinho

Admission exams

Economics(04) or
Geography(09) or
Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences(17)

Publication in the Official Gazette

Accreditation of the Study Program

Decision: Accredited for 6 years
Publication Date: 21-08-2014
Official Information A3ES: Accreditation result (in portuguese) 

Study Program Evaluation 

Study program self-evaluation report (in portuguese) 


The Bachelor’s degree in Business Management has the following main goals:

  • To provide future graduates with complete, comprehensive training that focuses on developing not only scientific and technical skills but also soft skills;
  • To give students the chance to further training in their areas of interest by offering optional course units in the third year of the course, organised into four minors: finance, marketing, accounting and industrial management;  
  • To provide graduates with knowledge and skills that allow them to join the workforce quickly and perform a wide range of senior functions in different areas of an organisation;
  • To stimulate graduates’ interest in pursuing management studies (Master’s in Business Management) or in one of its more specific functional areas (Master’s courses in Marketing, Strategic Human Resource Management, Quality Management Systems, etc.).

Professional opportunities

Graduates in Business Management are prepared to meet the growing demands of the national and international labour markets, which usually means they join the workforce more quickly. The comprehensive scope of the course enables graduates to competently carry out senior functions in financial, commercial, marketing, human resources, production management and logistics departments.

What makes this course different?

The Bachelor’s degree in Business Management has been one of the most popular courses at ISMAI for the 20 years it has been running. During this time, it has given its graduates competitive professional opportunities by training senior staff qualified to perform functions in many different areas of organisations or to set up their own companies. The Bachelor’s degree in Business Management encourages a culture of closeness between teachers and students defined by friendliness and openness (while retaining academic rigour). The recently restructured course structure means students now have the chance to guide their own training towards the areas in which they are most interested, thanks to optional course units in the third year of course, organised into minors (finance, marketing, accounting and industrial management). Academic staff are members of ISMAI’s Research Unit in Business Sciences and Sustainability (UNICES), as well as other research units classified as “Very Good” (Interdisciplinary Centre of Social Sciences - CICS.NOVA) and “Good” (Research Centre in Business Sciences - NECE-UBI) in the Foundation for Science and Technology’s international evaluation.


Students may apply for periods of mobility for studies in around 150 higher education institutions of more than 30 countries, as well for international internships, with possibilitity of financial support.