Master's Degree

Physical Education and Sport Sciences - Specialization in Physical Exercise and Health

Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences


Gustavo Marçal Gonçalves da Silva

Who is this course for?

 People who have a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and Sport, a similar subject, or a legal equivalent.

Publication in the Official Gazette

Accreditation of the Study Program

Decision: Accredited for 6 years
Publication Date: 29-11-2018
Official Information A3ES: Accreditation result (in portuguese)
Study Program Evaluation 

Considering the importance and emerging need to promote healthy lifestyles and active ageing in modern society, in Portugal and Europe, this course aims to: - Allow students to pursue their academic training in physical education and sport sciences; - Provide access to PhD courses; - Further develop and master scientific research methods and procedures for physical education and health and the scientific and technical foundations of promoting health through physical exercise and activity, linking them to public policy in education and health; - Further develop and master the scientific and technical foundations for assessing, prescribing and monitoring physical exercise as a way of promoting health in different contexts; - Develop students’ reflection and ability to act based on the technical and scientific knowledge gained.

Professional opportunities

Settings in which physical exercise can be used as a vehicle to promote health, including specific activities carried out in schools, sports clubs, health clubs, health centres, etc., and research.

What makes this course different?

ISMAI has agreements in place so students can carry out work placements and research activities at local authorities, family health units, health clubs and sports clubs. The actions on this course are linked to several research and development units, including the Research Unit for Sport and Physical Activity (CIDAF) at ISMAI, which is integrated into the Research Center in Sports Sciences, Health and Human Development (CIDESD), classified as “Very Good” in the Foundation for Science and Technology’s international evaluation.

This course awards the qualification of Master’s degree in Physical Education and Sport Sciences – Specialisation in Physical Exercise and Health and provides students with the advanced knowledge, skills and aptitudes needed to work in this field.