Applications 2018/2019

International Students


1st Season
1st season: 29/01/2018 - 09/02/2018
Admission exams (if applicable): 22/02/2018   
 Results: before 27/02/2018     Results
2nd Season (leftover places)
2nd season: 28/02/2018 - 29/03/2018
 Admission exams (if applicable): 18/04/2018 
Results: before 27/04/2018  Results
3rd Season (leftover places)
3rd season: 30/04/2018 - 18/05/2018
Admission exams (if applicable): 30/05/2018
Results: before 04/06/2018   Results
4th Season (leftover places)
4th season: 05/06/2018 - 22/06/2018
Admission exams:  13/07/2018 3.15 p.m Classroom A.106
Results: before 20/07/2018 Results
4th Season - extended deadline (leftover places)
4th season:  before 17/07/2018
Admission exams:  25/07/2018 11h15 - Sala B002
Results: before 31/07/2018    Results                     
5th Season -  (leftover places)
5th season:  before 31/08/2018
Admission exams:  10/09/2018
Results: before 14/09/2018

Student Places 2017/2018
Course Places
Course Art Multimedia Places 6
Course Communication Sciences Places 12
Course Criminology Places 20
Course Physical Education and Sport Places 44
Course Renewable Energy Places 5
Course Business Management Places 16
Course Marketing Management Places 7
Course Human Resource Management Places 10
Course Sport Management Places 12
Course Computer Science Places 6
Course Psychology Places 19
Course Public Relations Places 5
Course Multimedia Communication Techonologies Places 9
Course Tourism Places 12


​We might be able to offer additional student places.

Passport / ID card.
Fiscal number card.
Certificate/ diploma of completion of secondary education, certified by the official education services.
Certified declaration issued by the official education services in the country of origin, translated into English or Portuguese, proving that the secondary qualification held, obtained in that country, is sufficient to enter official higher education in the country for courses equivalent to the one to which the application is made (OR a certificate of equivalence to Portuguese secondary education issued by a competent Portuguese body).
Documentary proof of the knowledge of the admission exam subject matters (exams taken in the country of origin to enter higher education in that country or secondary education exams that prove knowledge of the admission exam subject matters). 
Proof of knowledge of the language in which the course is taught (when applicable)​.
Sworn declaration of the applicant stating that s/he does not have Portuguese nationality and is not impeded to apply to ISMAI under International Student Status, as laid down in Decree-Law nº 36/2014, of 10 March 2014, amended by Decree-Law nº 113/2014 of 16 July 2014 and in the "Regulations on the Application of International Student Status at Instituto Universitário da Maia – ISMAI".
Documentary proof of approval in pre-requisite tests (applicable to the Physical Education and Sports degree).
Qualifications and other education documents must include the grading scale used and the final grade achieved in the education programme.
For application procedures, students are allowed to submit certified copies of the necessary documents electronically. For enrollment/ matriculation, students must submit the original documents authenticated by a Portuguese consular or diplomatic authority (or with a Hague Apostille from the competent authority in the state in which the document was issued). Whitout these, students will not be able to matriculate at ISMAI.
Documents which are not originally written in Portuguese or English must be translated (certified translation) into one of these languages. Documents in French or Spanish may also be considered for application.
Language test
Candidates must provide evidence of the knowledge of the language in which the course is taught.

They may be asked to sit either a Portuguese language or an English language test..        

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